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Nicotine salts with either 50mg or 5% nicotine are used to recharge the Myle Vape Dubai, an all-in-one vaping gadget. Aside from offering classic Myle Flavors, the Myle vapes also have some brand-new flavors. The revolutionary, brand-new method, intended to be used as an alternative to smoking, is sold in packs of two devices. Your favorite part will be the deep, rich taste. This little appliance provides rapid warmth. Only 350 puffs may be made with a single charging of the battery. As a result, each pod only supports about 320 puffs.

The best course of action is to switch to another smoker or attempt to reduce back. The 5% nicotine content of these pods makes smoking acceptable. Due to the fact that each pod only uses 1.2mL of e-liquid, the pods have a very long lifespan.


Despite the fact that vaping is usually prohibited in public settings, those who wish to indulge covertly may go to MYLE Vape Dubai. You won’t need to worry about running out of juice while traveling thanks to the Pod’s internal capacity of 1.2mL.

The MYLE Vape boasts an attractive design, user-friendly features, and 5% nicotine content by volume. When it’s time to switch up your vaping habit, give it a try for a unique and exciting experience!

  • Built-in Pod, 1.2 mL
  • A volume/unit of 5% nicotine
  • 320 puffs per pod (approx.)
  • Size is 2.96 H by 0.77 W by 0.42 D in inches.
  • Each set contains two devices.


Vapes use the evaporation process to avoid burning tobacco. Since the tobacco isn’t burned, no smoke is created. Instead, it creates vapors from e-liquid that don’t contain many toxins. The Myle Vape is safer to use because of its no-smoke composition. The flavor you use will affect how Myle vape smells. It doesn’t smell as bad as a regular smoke. It doesn’t leave a scent on surfaces, hands, or clothing.


The initial design for the kit was created in Italy. Myle Pods have a distinct look and are easy to use. Anyone seeking for Myle vaping items will enjoy the fantastic e-liquid tastes. Each of our 1.2 ml non-refillable flavor pods has at least 320 puffs. — Do you fear getting charged? Not to be concerned. The bundle comes with a USB charger for charging. MYLE is a term associated with customer delight in Dubai and is more than simply a vape brand. The business never chooses convenience over quality. Only the most necessary things are offered at the lowest prices, and are delivered directly to your home.. Visit our website, take advantage of the deal, peruse the things we offer, and give MYLE Vape a try to help you stop smoking for a brand-new experience.