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Are you trying to find the top IQOS Heets Dubai dealer online? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. For smokers looking for a better alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, IQOS devices are the best choice ever. The IQOS heets, created by us internationally, warm tobacco rather than burn it, releasing fewer carcinogens. The IQOS Heets Dubai is an inventive response to typical issues with cigarette smoking, like ashes, smoke, or extreme combustion temperatures. Heets that were carefully created may be heated to 350 degrees Celsius using our variety of IQOS heets in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The method delivers the authentic flavor of smoked tobacco while producing a tasty nicotine-containing vapor.


Heets sticks are burned by IQOS devices to produce vapor that evaporates more quickly than regular cigarette smoke. You may enjoy a nice scent when using IQOS devices, depending on the Heets flavor you choose. IQOS devices, irrespective of model, have a modern design and are simple to use and maintain. Users should be fine with using the gadget because it is simple to operate. The lifespan of a single HEETS stick is equal to that of a traditional tobacco cigarette, or up to 14 puffs.

The IQOS HEETS gadget uses Heat Control Technology to function. The tobacco on a stick may be heated using this method, which causes steam to be released instead of smoke. The product’s non-smoking nature has lately contributed to its increased popularity. Devices for vaping operate on the evaporation theory. Only liquid nicotine, which evaporates to produce vapors for inhalation, is present in the vaping device; tobacco is not in it.


Tobacco sticks are heated in IQOS utilizing ceramic heating blades built into the system. IQOS produces vapor, which is far less dangerous than tobacco cigarettes. Users of IQOS heets Dubai have total control over how many sticks they wish to smoke. When the gadget is completely charged, you can smoke 20 HEET sticks, the equivalent of one pack of cigarettes, whereas one charge only permits you to smoke one Heat Stick. IQOS heating systems utilize single-use Heat Sticks as opposed to vapes. As a result, smokers won’t have to bother with the difficulty of routinely cleaning their gadgets. An IQOS gadget leaves no aroma or stain on your fingers or clothes since vapor is produced instead of smoke.


Nearly 51% of users reported that using vaporizers exposes them to less vapor than smoking traditional cigarettes, yet 43.8% of users reported dependence on both products. Only 5.2% of participants reported using vaporizers more frequently than traditional smokes. IQOS is less addicting than a regular cigarette, according to these statistics. The amount of tooth staining caused by IQOS is less than that caused by ordinary cigarettes, according to a non-clinical research center study in Switzerland.